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About Us
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Welcome to URBREATH!

URBREATH is a Horizon Europe project focusing on boosting social interactions, inclusion, equitability and liveability in cities. In fact, the project aims to put communities at the heart of decision-making for regional and local sustainable development.

For doing so, the project team will develop, implement, demonstrate, validate and replicate a comprehensive, community participation and Nature Based Solution-driven paradigm within the spectrum of urban revitalization, resilience and climate neutrality.

These methodological approaches will be enhanced via social innovation practices, digital twins and artificial intelligence tools.

What we do

URBREATH is about reimagining urban living, where concrete jungles give way to lush green havens. By weaving nature into the fabric of our cities, from expansive green roofs to vibrant urban forests and thriving wetlands, we aim to combat the urban heat island effect, mitigate flood risks, and purify our air.

What we aim for

To transform our cities from the ground up, making them not only sustainable but resilient against the ever-growing threats of a warming world.

Our Expectations

To make our cities more livable and inclusive but also to establish a model for urban areas to play a central role in addressing climate change, transforming our vulnerability into a powerful defense.

Meet Our Cluster Projects


Use Cases and Urban Test Beds

Demonstrating urban greening for resilience and climate adaptation in vulnerable districts within the Mediterranean climate zone by co-designing an urban regeneration strategy and testing various NBS typologies.

Frontrunner City: Madrid
Follower Cities: Athens and Parma

Demonstration of the multi-dimensional value of collaboratively greening the regeneration of a public square with historical buildings within the Atlantic climate zone.

Frontrunner City: Leuven
Follower City: Aarhus

Enhancing social and environmental aspects by opening up the seaside to the community, revitalizing and reintroducing nature to a dysfunctional and neglected urban site, and former industrial harbor in the central area of Tallinn within the Boreal climatic zone.

Frontrunner City: Tallinn
Follower City: Kajaani

Showcasing nature-based solutions, socio-economic facilities, and zero-emission mobility solutions along the Blue-Green corridor of the Someș River – IRIS Neighbourhood within the Continental climatic zone

Frontrunner City: Cluj-Napoca Follower City: Pilsen

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